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Maximize B2B eCommerce Sales

Key Features of WEBXFY’s B2B eCommerce Platform

The B2B e-Commerce Platform
that Empowers Buyers, Sales & IT teams

Dynamic markets, changing consumer tastes and rising buyer expectations are pressuring brands and distributors. WEBXFY empowers you with a robust and flexible self-service B2B eCommerce platform:
Free up buyers to shop at their convenience without a sales rep on-site
Satisfy demand for a purchasing experience that’s intuitive and fast
True mobility with online/offline support lets buyers work anytime, anywhere
Shelf-side ordering facilitated with barcode scanning
Self-service monitoring provides visibility into purchases, fulfillment status and more
 With the growing complexity of sales processes, your sales team may struggle to meet targets. WEBXFY’s B2B eCommerce platform helps CPG brands and wholesalers consistently grow and delight buyers:
Increase B2B online sales volume and speed
Enhance customer satisfaction
Expand globally
Free up reps’ time so they can focus on key accounts, land new customers and become trusted advisors
Reduce administrative overheads by centrally managing wholesale eCommerce, sales force automation, retail execution & route accounting
Gain a consolidated view across B2B channels to better plan, execute and analyze sales
 Demanding internal & external customers keep challenging your IT team. WEBXFY provides the flexibility, reliability and scale they need to succeed:

Automate customer onboarding with account sign-up controls.
Reduce customer support overheads with self-monitoring order status.
Integrate once to your ERP, and leverage it across the entire B2B commerce operation.
Configure everything to fit your business needs – permissions, approvals, notifications, workflows, catalogs, the look & feel and more.
Global-ready, enterprise-grade cloud platform offloads IT operations.