Integrate your Webxfy store with Odoo ERP & CRM Software.  

NEW! Variable Product Support for Odoo 

We are pleased to announce the Odoo for Webxfy plugin now supports variable products!

Save time, money, and improve your store’s performance with Odoo for Webxfy.


Synchronize Odoo and Webxfy

Synchronize products, categories, stock, prices, and attributes between Odoo and Webxfy. Choose any of the options based on your business model and preferences. 

  • Only import products from Odoo to your Webxfy store
  • Only export products from your Webxfy store
  • Allow product syncing both ways between Odoo and your Webxfy store

Manage orders and invoices

When a sale occurs in Webxfy, Odoo for Webxfy automatically:

  • Creates a customer record in Odoo
  • Creates a sales order in Odoo
  • Creates a new invoice in Odoo
  • Updates inventory levels in Odoo
  • Adds any new products, categories, and attributes in Odoo
  • Updates and creates coupons

When import features are enabled for order functions, Odoo for Webxfy will perform the following functions in Webxfy during the next cron job:

  • Create or update customer records in Webxfy
  • Create orders in Webxfy
  • Create or update products, stock, and prices in Webxfy
  • Create and update coupons

Order status mapping

When you enable status mapping you can map Webxfy order statuses in Odoo. With this information, Odoo will know when to create a quote, sales order, or invoice and when to cancel an order.

Refund management

Refund management makes it easy to refund orders from Odoo for Webxfy.

Coupon management

Create and update coupons from Odoo for Webxfy and conveniently share them with your customers.

Connect multiple Webxfy stores to your Odoo ERP

If you have several WooCommerce stores and want to manage and integrate orders, customers, products, and coupons from one interface, install Odoo for Webxfy. For multiple stores, we recommend only using exporting features and those import features that are necessary.

Cron jobs

Periodically update your products, categories, attributes, customers, coupons, orders, and refunds between Webxfy and Odoo by enabling a cron job.

If you have any questions about the Odoo for Webxfy extension or how it works, please visit our documentation or contact support.